Two Common Causes Of Brake System Problems

When you push the brake pedal in your car and it feels soft or spongy under your foot, it may mean that your brakes need repair. The brake pedal should always be firm and consistent when you press it, and any change in the normal resistance indicates problems with the pressure in the system. There are a few common causes of brake problems, and understanding what they are may help you troubleshoot the issue and keep yourself safe on the road. [Read More]

After The Storm - How To Repair Hail Damage To Your Car

When a hailstorm hits, it is imperative to get off the road and find shelter as soon as possible. Unfortunately, drivers that don't have garages or carports to store their vehicles in may find their cars severely damaged after the weather clears. You can have the body of your car repaired, restored, and looking as good as new by locating a reputable automotive body repair shop as well as taking a few simple precautions in the future. [Read More]

How To Fix Your Autobody With A Fiberglass Patch Kit

Most major auto body repair will have to be performed by a professional. However, if your car has a few small dents and dings, you could probably fix them yourself. It is especially easy to fix defects on the fiberglass portions of the car. This is why many bumpers are made out of fiberglass. This article explains how you can use a fiberglass repair kit to fix dents or holes in your bumper. [Read More]

Child Driving Back To College A Few States Away? What You Can Do To Help Them Stay Safe

If it is time for your child to head back to school and their school is a few states away, you may worry about them driving this distance alone. This can happen even if your child has done this many times, as parents often worry no matter the age of their child. To help ease your stress and fears, there are things you can do to help them get to where they are going safely. [Read More]